"On the Internet, there are no limits on the number of TV channels"

Internet TV is an exciting new way to capture and engage an audience.  While traditional cable and satellite providers will always be limited by finite channel capacity, leaving roughly 80 percent of the world’s valuable video content un-viewable - until now.  Strideo Internet TV is a simple, one-stop solution that allows any content owner to quickly go "live" on the Internet, and viewers are in total control, choosing what to watch.  Full-screen content combined with simple to use back-end system creates a pleasant viewing experience leading to more viewers and extended viewing times.


internet tv1

Internet tv2

Internet TV3



  • Live TV look-and-feel
  • Totally interactive
  • Plays on PC, Mac and cell phones
  • Simple to use - no software installation required and no footprint
  • Scalable to Millions of Viewing
  • Revenue options include subscription, PPV, ad-supported, banner ad serving and click-through e-commerce